Costume Hire

Costume Hire

Sadly BTP has to announce the closure of its Costume Hire Shop. The Hire Shop has offered many years of service to Bay residents but the time has come to bring it to a close.

It has proved impossible to attract sufficient volunteer staff to operate the shop on even a limited basis. Over the years customers have found many other ways to access the costumes they require – through avenues which did not exist when the shop first began its operations.

But this does not mean BTP will lose all of its theatre wardrobe collection, much of which has been painstakingly sewn and crafted and also, in many cases, donated by theatre lovers.  These items will be carefully kept and used for future BTP productions, while specific theme items that relate only to hire will go.

The work and donations have, of course, provided valuable income to BTP over the years and have helped to maintain the theatre.

BTP offers its best wishes to all those who have contributed to Costume Hire over the years and thanks them for their service.